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welcome 2 my site!!

haii!! welcome to! this is my digital paradise on the hellfire thats called the internet.. my own purrsonal tribute to all of the things i love in the whole wide world!! i use this site as an outlet to express who i am and just be myself without the fear of judgement!! this is also where i showcase my love for everything without a care in the world, i hope you can also take some interest in this funny little webbed site as much as i do! its like my little web child, please keep in mind im still an amateur at coding, and started taking coding on neocities seriously about a few months ago, so if anything breaks or messes up please make sure to tell me!!

this actually isnt the first time i ever started coding, i started taking interest in coding html and css with the website spacehey! i still am occassionally active on spacehey, but i felt like it wasnt rly enough to fully,, u know, express myself and who i am as a person! which is why i cherish neocities to its fullest! so youll see a little bit of everything on my website!!

if u happen to enjoy my webbed site (or have any concerns), feel free to leave a message on my chatbox or guestbook!! or feel free to link my site!! preferrably, post the button on ur own domain! but do whatever u want i cant stop u ^__^

ALSO!! do NOT steal any of the codes on my site! i work rly rly hard and try to make this my own little space on the web, if you genuinely want to learn more abt coding or u wanna learn how to do something, PLEASE just ask me and ill try my best to help!! thank u!!

9.23.23 v4 is finally out!! decided to cave in and finally make a new layout (also just me fucking around with display:grid), im super proud with how it looks rn!! i might have to work on more site pages (ex. remake about me, ect ect) since a lot of the pages lead to 404 links.. praying i can finish in time :heart:

8.22.23 oh my god. oh my GOD!! i finally finished this page after like what? 2-3 days of planning and coding? and i do NOT regret it one bit!!! i really like how this theme turned out + its a lot less laggy than my last two site layouts, hopefully i can finish alllll of the other pages before school starts somehow, i still have to organize all of the site folders too, wish me luck!
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