dear diary...

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hello hello, welcome to my diary page! this is the place where i let out all my thoughts.. some triggering content might be involved but ill make sure to add cws/tws and what not, and when talking about games ive finished ill add spoiler warnings + boxes just in case! but other than that, please enjoy the ride thats my mind! (hey wait that rhymes LMAOO) ^_^

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my god i havent made a post in here in a while, i am so so so sorry mari nation!! school started and i have a lot to say, it seems so exciting yet so disappointing in a way?? on one hand its so refreshing to get to meet new people, focusing and working hard on your studies for the future and managing to make new bonds and treasure them along the way, but on another hand, its so strange seeing your friends from last year in another class, the overflowing amounts of homework and studies piling up each and every singular weekday, and consistently stressing about it aswell as the terrifying future slowly creeping up onto you.. fuck that sounded deep as hell but you get my point, another thing i wanted to talk about is the fact that ive been thinking about restarting my site for some time now, everytime a new version of my site comes out, i seem so happy but also so disappointed at the same time, i feel like there isnt really something i can call my 'own', i fear that this site isnt going to be 'unique' or 'special' enough no matter how much things i can chuck in, as much as i treasure this site dearly, i still dont know what i should even do with it. mari out for now ☆

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hiii hello!! today wasnt really all that special actually lolz but today is a tuesday !!!! which means my dad usually orders pizza on tuesdays which im super excited for !!!!! and im finally catching up to ace attorney YAAAAYYY !!! i dont think ive ate anything yet, i might update the diary layout a bit more just to make it pop and i plan to finish my about me page today! 。+゚.。+。(´ω`*)♪♪ im so excited!!

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hoo boy.. its been a while since my last entry!! a few days ago it was my birthday and it was super super fun!! i drew with my friends and we talked a lot, it was super super nice!! i also got a birthday drawing from a real good friend of mine and its so cute i love it!! today, ive been planning to play persona 5 royal because theres this character i like from it, which, i really want to know more about!! also hes pretty hehehehehe

^^ LOOK AT THIS GUY!! i want to put him in a blender and watch him go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whirrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
oh yeah, today i had some tea and it was super nice!! i rly liked it, and a few days ago i FINALLY updated my homepage and it looks so pretty and cool and pretty and im super super proud of myself for it !! i think thats all i have to say today hopefully (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) thank u so so much for reading!!!
UPDATE that was not all i had to say but dear GOD these cramps are beating my ass what did i do cramps..
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my first diary entry hello mari nation.. today wasnt really all that interesting sadly, but around few days ago i went to this really cool mall with an irl friend of mine, we bought manga and we ate some food and just chatted and had a really nice time, it felt really relaxing since i havent been to a mall or a specific place with a friend in a really long time up until that point.. which i think could be considered as interesting ^_^ but yeah, another thing i think is interesting is that in a few days itll be my birthday!! hip hip hooray!!! but enough about that, today i feel really hopeful for tomorrow, i think i feel almost?? melancholic?? im not sure how to describe it, but somewhere inbetween that and hopeful.. im not exactly sure what else to write but im thinking of replaying ace attorney sometime in the future.. or atleast watch a gameplay of some sort.. theres so many things i should continue playing or get back into atleast.. (looking at you puyo puyo and oneshot) but anyways, i think that should be just about enough for today, thank you for reading my first diary entry, and i hope you enjoyed reading this!