october 18th 2023
hello viewers of the mariblog!! today wasnt really all too interesting or shocking (as per usual).. but today i decided to download a few nifty little web extensions and i already love them to DEATH!! to hell you go boring cursor and default blue selection!!

as of writing this im playing this game called 'SHTDN' (not rly finished with it so NO MAJOR SPOILERS!! PLEASE!!) and the background visuals and character sprites are so so stunning!! and the interactions between goyou and agape are so charming and silly!! even though goyou seems to look pretty serious at first glance hes actually pretty naive and curious, which i love alot about em!! AGAPE ON TJE OTHER HAND... i want to put this fucker under a hydraulic press in the most loving way possible. i dont really have much 2 say about agape as of playing SHTDN rn.. ill most likely follow up on this post the next time i happen to make a new blog post, until then!
~ The Webmaster
october 14th 2023
YOOOO!! its been ages since i last posted something in this dead ass blog.. since like what, a month ago? and im here to tell you I AM NOT DEAD !!!! you see.. school has basically been beating my ass for over a few months now, which meant i had a very tight scheduele and consistently had to worry about exams, which was pretty much ASS since we had like what, 4 exams a week? which was pretty shit, but since midterm break is FINALLY here, i might start working on my site more!! and im super super excited too, since im probably going to be getting some new clothes someday, AND i might be hanging out with my irl friends (which have basically kept me sane thru the school year) this week so yay!! other than that there isnt really much interesting things happening as of now sadly, but, ill try to update frequently, even if it isnt much!!
~ The Webmaster
september 11th 2023
hello mari nation!! sorry i havent posted a blog entry in AGES now, like 2 weeks or so?? today unfortunately, ive been having a godawful cold/fever since about yesterday.. but hey, atleast i have a day off from school! on this day ive been thinking about something, my brain told me, 'hey, why not make a custom figurine/plushie of this fucking guy in particular?' and i thought to myself, you know what, this shits a great idea! but heres the thing.. i dont have any of the materials OR knowledge on how to make things like that, but i may come around to doing it soon aswell as making the e-shrine for this fella, or maybe good smile company will make a figure of my wonderful gf in question which probably will never happen LMAOOOOO but anyways, remember that first blog post where i said 'ill probably make a second blog post if i ever finish or almost finished with the game' (game in question being persona 4), .. my ass did NOT FINISH IT!!! *crowd gasps in terror and fear*, i unfortunately havent finished the game persona 4, because heres the thing, i struggle a lot with shit like finishing games and finishing series (LOOKING AT YOU BSD AND PERSONA 3 FES AND THE 500 OTHER SERIES AND GAMES I FORGOT TO PLAY.. GAH..) but. anyways, i think thats all i have to say with my silly ass rambles, thank you for listening and reading!!
~ The Webmaster
august 30th 2023
today wasnt really all too interesting, but yesterday was the first day of school for me! it was actually less intense then i initially thought, since i was worrying about my first impressions, classes, and most of all.. teachers. ive had complicated experiences with teachers, some were pretty chill, some i dont even remember and some.. yeah.. but. anyways, i got to meet some of my friends again and im so happy to meet them again! since i havent seen them in.. atleast a few months? apart from going to the mall with a friend of mine, but yeah, thats probably one of the best parts of back to school days!

on the downside though, this isnt really related to school but.. layout ideas are so difficult for me to figure out, since i wanna make something unique for myself and myself only, and ive always wanted to make a cutesy site, but i dont wanna make it seem like im ripping off/copying other sites i like, and worrying about insane amounts of lag, loading, ect ect is so tiring, and sometimes i feel like my site isnt really.. interesting and 'unique' enough? which is something i kind of struggle with since i suck at writing in detail, planning, ect ect but yeah!

on the bright side, i still have so much to learn about coding, and its actually inspiring to see how far i came with my first layout, till now! i still have a lot to learn about the world of html, css, js, ect ect, and i want to make this web mine, for me, to share with the world!!

anyways, back to the school stuff! my english teacher is actually a lot more nicer than my teacher last year, i think a lot of the teachers are somehow calmer and a lot more laid back in a sense, which is a relief since my old english teacher last year was.. interesting. to say the least.. and hey, atleast im still in the same class with my friends aswell!! woop woop!

NOT REALLY SCHOOL RELATED AGAIN but do any of you have a random ass obsession with a character from media you havent even consumed yet and tell yourself 'okay i can consume this entire media to see my favorite character from [INSERT MEDIA] in their full glory! yeah i can do that!' and then never finish the game/series again within the first few hours for months on end? yeah thats sorta whats happening to me as of now with a character from the game Persona 4, not saying who but, but ive planning to play it for months on END i tell you, ill probably make a second blog post if i ever finish or almost finished with the game..

but, yeah, i think ill wrap it up here, im not sure if you read the whole way but if you did, strangely enough, thank you so much, and i appreciate it! have a nice day!

~ The Webmaster
MY WEb-blog!! CD
welcome to my blog, make yourself comfy.. just watch out for the cyanide! j