she/any, black arab
professional sillygirl
and avid enjoyer of silly fictional guys,
strange lost media, cute things
and cats!!

whats the webmaster up to?

hello, hello! im the webmaster, mari.. but i also go by several other names such as calico, (lu)ciel, val, and others but it would be too long to list! im black and arab aswell, but please do note that my arabic is (really) broken due to not really being taught properly as a kid sadly :'3 but im slowly trying to learn a bit more!

i first discovered and started coding on the website spacehey, which im still sort of active on just not as much, even though i (think??) i made this neocities WAY earlier, i think it wasnt until somewhere around june maybe i had a proper layout but thats gone now sadly.. it wasnt rly the best though im gonna be honest.. but yeah, coding for me is sort of like a homage to everything i love and enjoy! (/▽\*)。o○♡

now, heres more things about meee!! im really bad at like describing myself but ill give it a shot, im veeeery energetic and (super) passionate person about the things i love and enjoy dearly! although sometimes i can be offputting at times but its okay it adds to my silliness!! i consider myself really creative, and i like spending time with my friends a whole lot! and i enjoy rambling about things i like a fuck ton, especially when it comes to characters.. oh my god.

moving on, my interests and all time favorite things ever!! one of my favorite genres is visual kei!! i enjoy it a lot, and i WISH i could try dressing up in vkei.. but, some of my favorite visual kei bands are buck-tick and mejibray!! please do give me recommendations, speaking of which, one of my all time favorite genres is (im not sure if this counts but) VOCALOID !!!!! ive loved it for such a long time, ever since i was a teeny little lad with unsupervised internet access.. my favorite vocaloid producers are siinamota/powapowap, nashimoto ui and a lot more, i cant really seem to choose since i have a lot of favorites.. @__@;; i have a lot of favorite characters from media, but i genuinely cannot stick to one specific character unfortunately.. but one of my ABSOLUTE favorites has to be arashi narukami from enstars!! shes so pretty and awesome and sweet and i love her so so so much!! feel free to look at this thing below to see my fave stuff!

things i really like!
drink: coca cola, strawberry milk
food: french fries!!
manga: bsd, pokespe
games: bandori, persona 3, pokemon b/w
puyo puyo tetris

bands/artists: serani poji
numbers: 0, 7, 3, 4, 143
music genres: jpop/j-rock, visual kei, vocaloid (not sure if that counts..)
colors: PINK!!!!!! literally almost all colors except for some shades of green..
animanga: cardcaptor sakura (very obvious!!!! the site is literally named after it!!!!!!), little witch academia
animals: bunnies, cats, ferrets, chinchillas, geckos, lizards, seals, otters, isopods!!
vocaloid producers: dennoko-p, siinamota/powapowa, nashimoto ui
youve reached the end!! in conclusion, im a silly fella who likes to draw, be silly and have fun on the net!! i hope you learnt more abt me, and thank uu so so much for reading this!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Cute Bunny Holding Heart