so.. who is teto kasane?

"Kasane Teto (重音テト) is a Japanese (and later English) UTAU who was originally created as a troll "VOCALOID" by fans. Her surname 重音 (Kasane) literally means "heavy sound" or "overlapped sound;" while these interpretations are widely accepted among fans, TWINDRILL has not released any announcements about the meaning of the name. Her name テト (Teto) comes from Tetopettenson, a parody song of Le Beau Tambour.
Although her voicebank is only for use in UTAU, many people still mistake her for a VOCALOID. Though she had no final voicebank released for the engine, Teto had a private voicebank with Crypton Future Media, Inc. and there were attempts to release her for VOCALOID in collaboration with AH-Software Co. Ltd.. She later was to be released with a speech voicebank for TALQu in January 2022 and an AI voice database for Synthesizer V Studio in April 2023." - Vocaloid Wiki

personal thoughts

i first discovered teto kasane (and vocaloid + utau in general but thats a story for next time) during the year.. i cant remember honestly, probably since.. 2019 or maybe earlier?? i forgot BUT ANYWAY, once i saw teto i knew damn well shes going to be one of my favorite utaus. ever. of all time. i have a LOOOT of appreciation for her and her voice provider! i think i first discovered her by listening to teto territory (before knowing it was even a parody of touhou, and after knowing i literally love it even more) during 2019. and oh boy. i LOVED IT !!!! i actually wanted to make utaus because of teto, but that plan failed because i didnt know jack shit about making utaus and tuning them but maybe next time, ANYWAY!! BACK TO TETO!! i genuinely dont know how to describe it but. i find teto very incredibly maricoded. i dont know why, teto is jsut Maricoded. i love teto!!!!!!!! 11/10. i want to squeeze her like a stress toy. Lovingly!!!!!!!!!


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