everyone, i realize now that i have friends aswell, you dont have to save the world to find the meaning in life, all you need is something simple, like someone to take care of, i'll keep on living no matter what, so that i can protect you..
who's aigis?
aigis (aegis in romaji), also referred to as 'ai-chan', aswell as 'sister' (by metis and labrys), is one of the main characters from the visual novel / jrpg game persona 3, shes an android robot initially designed to specifically obey orders and regular daily tasks, she seems to be quite attached towards the protagonist, shes prone to doing things that would be considered 'socially unacceptable', such as barging into the protags room in order to call them for standby, but nonetheless, aigis is also very protective towards the protagonist, she also understands koromaru, dogs dont exactly have a speech pattern but shes able to understand koromarus body language which is also quite helpful.

this parts a wip.. i suck ass at writing :sobbing: