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IMPORTANT NOTICE! since this site was made on a 1600x1200 screen on chrome, this site might lag and crash from time to time or look weird on other devices, also please NEVER view this on mobile, love and peace! :3
welcome, one and all to, V2! i am the webmaster, mari, and welcome to my webbed site! this is my evil (not really) glitter filled lair where i combine everything i love into one unholy amalgamation! it is also a huge work in progress, i made this website for fun and for speculation! (kind of?? not really) my goal for this site is to invoke a feeling of happiness and comfort, and hopefully i can succeed at that sooner or later! and without further ado, enjoy cardcaptors!! feel free to explore my site, leave a comment on my cbox, or feel free to link me on ur site if u'd like!! if youre leaving so soon, feel free to explore these cool sites above too, its your choice!! ☆

ORIGIN STORY TIME KINDA NOT REALLY!! keep reading if u want, i started coding using the website spacehey, but, i made this site a bit earlier, but, one fateful day, on january 17th 2023, i decided to make this website for shits and giggles, and.. somehow im at this point of my life, i hope you can enjoy this site as much as i do, its like my little web child..

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AIGIS PLUSHIE!!! i need this so bad shes so cute ueeee... CR
to-do list
  • start working on reko yabusame shrine
  • remake aigis shrine
  • finish about me section
  • not rly a site thing exactly?? but finish watching gameplay of the ace attorney trilogy
  • start working on art gallery
  • make little witch academia shrine
  • again, shrine related but start working on revstars shrine
  • start dream diary page
  • again.. not rly site related but watch gameplays of the following, persona 4, p5r, and a few more.. cant remember AGHH
my gifypet!